Our Story


Ted TurnerIf you ask our Founder and Chairman, Ted Turner, what his favorite natural place is, you'll receive an inspired response like this one:

"It's Planet Earth, the whole place. I've been from the Arctic to the rainforest to the equator to the desert. I've visited over 70 countries. I love this world. I want to see humanity succeed, and learn to live in peace and harmony with the environment and each other."

Ted has always been interested in the totality of the planet. In fact, he believes so emphatically in protecting the environment from further degradation that he views it as no less than, "an effort to ensure the survival of the human species." To that end, Ted founded the Turner Foundation in 1990, whose principles are based on that of its founder and rooted in its commitment to protecting and restoring natural systems - land, air and water - on which all life depends.

Turner Foundation, Inc. has allowed Ted the opportunity to collaborate with his five children and his grandchildren, and discuss with them the ways in which they all can become and remain responsible philanthropists and environmentalists.

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First row: Ted Turner; Second row, from left: Beau Turner, Teddy Turner, Jennie Turner Garlington, Laura Turner Seydel, Rhett Turner

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